Standard Hotel vs A Boutique Hotel: Why Opt for a Boutique Hotel in Goa?

Standard Hotel vs A Boutique Hotel: Why Opt for a Boutique Hotel in Goa?

There’s no need to stress about the popularity of Goa – the most popular tourist destination in India for its beaches and party culture. Thus, this destination provides numerous budget to luxury accommodations and caters to all groups of travelers.

Apart from many other accommodation options such as shacks, villas, and homestays, Goa also offers normal hotel stays as well as boutique hotel stays.

For most people, the term hotel is limited to getting accommodation with standard amenities and thus, they know what to expect. Thus, avid travelers always opted for chain hotels earlier due to familiarity with the brand. However, times have changed and boutique hotels are taking over.

The concept of boutique hotels originated in New York in the 1980s and now such hotels are all over the world, including Goa. Boutique hotels in Goa and all over the entire world are all about having unique experiences.

Some travelers crave much more than a standard room, bed and standard services, if you’re one of them, you must opt for boutique hotels in Goa. The USP of these hotels is the custom atmosphere and top-notch personalized service that drives visitors to stay here.




Boutique hotels are smaller than traditional chain hotels. Chain hotels usually have more than 150 rooms. However, boutique hotels are small and can have 25 to 100 rooms.


Standard vs Theme Based: When it comes to choosing traditional hotels, most of them will have a very similar setup and services. However, when it comes to a boutique hotel, every hotel has a different theme and provides a unique experience.

Boutique hotels are usually located in off-beat locations and have distinctive architectural features. Travelers craving for authentic local experience must prefer such hotels over the normal chain hotels.


When it comes to normal hotels, they provide a standard set of services and food. However, by choosing a boutique hotel you sign up for a personalized experience as boutique hotels are focused on customer service.

Gone are the times when travelers wanted only standard services. Not every traveler is a budget traveler. A lot of travelers are looking for the finest local food, accommodation, and service on your Goa holiday, a boutique hotel can provide you with that.

Boutique hotels offer customized service and accommodate all the requirements of a traveler and focus on providing intimate experiences to their clients.

Travelers are willing to spend on experiences, thus, there’s a rise in the number of these finest luxury and boutique establishments all over the world.

If you fall into this group of travelers, browse different boutique hotels in Goa to thoroughly enjoy your vacation at the hotel as well as when exploring the destination.